Guillian Barre Syndrome in Libya (A Review of 25 Cases)

Original article


N. M. Shembesh, S. El Bargathy, A. Sheiba

Department of Paediatnics, Faculty of Medicine, Al -Arab Medical University, Benghazi, Libya.

Garyounis Medical Journal Vol. 17, No. 1-2. January/July l994:.50- 54


We present a clinical review of 25 patients of Guillian Barre Syndrome admitted to Al — Fateh Children Hospital, Benghazi, over period of 4 years. The majority of cases were seen in the year 1990. There were no significant seasonal variations, M:F, 1:1.5, age range 9 months — 13 years, mean age 4 years. Their presentation, course of recovery and outcome were studied. Nine patients received steroids, 16 did not. Twenty children recovered completely. Six patients required ventilation. Three died. Two patients were left with permanent neurological sequelae. The need for the use of new modalities of treatment, such as I/V Immunoglobulins, or Plasmapheresis, specially in those patients who show factors predicting for poor outcome, is stressed.

Keywords: Guillian Barre Syndrome in Libya