Hazard of Paracetamol Addiction on Cell Division

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F. R. El Garbulli, J. A. Bashasha

Botany Department, Faculty of science, Garyounis University, Benghazi, Libya

Journal of Science and Its Applications Vol 2, No 1:6-11 (March 2008)


Paracetamol used by large number of people as pain killer. Its genotoxicity on normal divided cells of human and plant cells has been reported. The ability of paracetamol to bind and interact with genetic material led to changes in chromosome behavior and structure during mitosis. In addition, there was a change in rate of cell division. The
genotoxicity products at low concentration and for long time cell treatment indicate the hazard of paracetamol addiction on man life.

Keywords: Paracetamol, Genotoxicity, Drugs addiction.

Link/DOI: http://garyounis.edu/jsciapp/v2/pdf/6-11.pdf