High Incidence of Intestinal Obstruction in Meckel’s Diverticuim Among Children

Original article


Adnan A. Mohammed, Abdul Qader N. Shaheen

1- Department of Surgery, Pediatric Surgery Division. Faculty of Medicine Garyounis University, Benghazi-Libya.

Sebha Univ. J. Med. Sci. 2002, Vol 3(1):17-21


To compare the prevalence and clinical presentation of different types of Meckels diverticulum in our cornmunit. and to evaluate their management.
Methods: This is a retrospective study of 58 patients having Meckels diverticulum. Full medical history, physical examination, blood test and radiological tests were done. Technetium scanning was not done preoperatively but all the cases underwent exploration. Results: Six patients were found to have intestinal haemorrhage. Thirty-three patients had intestinal obstruction, five patients had diverticulitis. three patients had perforations. to patients had umbilical fismla. There were nine patients with incidental meckel’s diverticulum.
Intestinal obstruction was more common than intestinal hemorrhage as a complication of meckel’s diverticulum. The preoperative diagnosis of the different types of complications were not eas. Incidental diverticulectomy should be done in young children, unless there are contra indication for its removal.

Keywords: Intestinal obstruction-Meckel’s diverticulum- children.