Homicide by strychnine poisoning.

Case report


Benomran FA, Henry JD.

Department of Forensic Medicine, Alarab Medical University, Benghazi, Libya.

Med Sci Law. 1996 Jul;36(3):271-3.


Homicide by strychnine has become very rare during the last decades. Its bitter taste and the violent mode of death commonly aroused suspicion of poisoning and this, together with its ease of chemical detection, deterred criminals from using it. We present the case of an elderly woman who arrived at the hospital casualty department in extremis and with severe convulsions. Her death was certified nevertheless as due to natural causes and she was buried without the death being reported to the Director of Public Prosecutions. It was not until a month later that investigation led to the exhumation of the body. Biological samples were found to contain strychnine sulphate. The perpetrator was charged and later confessed.

Keywords: Forensic Medicine,poisoning,Homicide,strychnine