Hospital-acquired malaria transmitted by contaminated gloves.

Case report


Piro S, Sammud M, Badi S, Al Ssabi L.

Infectious Diseases Division, Tripoli Central Hospital, Tripoli, Libya.

J Hosp Infect. 2001 Feb;47(2):156-8.


We describe two cases of malaria occurring in a malaria-free zone in two in-patients, two weeks after a case of Plasmodium falciparum malaria, acquired in Burkina Faso, had been admitted to the same ward. After reviewing the techniques used by nursing staff, we conclude that transmission probably occurred via gloves contaminated following manipulation of venous cannulae and drip lines of the patient with Burkina Faso-acquired malaria and which had not been discarded before manipulating the intravenous lines of the other two patients. Nosocomial transmission of unusual and potentially life-threatening infections should be taken into consideration in those settings where compliance with universal precautions is not rigorous.

Keywords: Hospital-acquired malaria; nosocomial transmission; venous cannulae; contaminated gloves.