Hospital admissions of diabetic patients in Benghazi

Short communication


Roaeid RB.

Diabetes International 2002:12 (1);24-5


The burden imposed by diabetes on health services in Libya is unknown. We report a 1-year analysis (1998-1999) of diabetic admissions to the 7th October teaching hospital in Benghazi. There were 3679 medical admissions, of wich 8o6(22%) were diabetics. In the diabetic patients, admissions were due to: CAD (29%), infections (14%), stroke (12%), DKA (9%), and hypoglycemia (2%). Of all medical admissions, 594 (16%) patients died during the study period and of these 144 (24%) were diabetics. Mortality among diabetics was 18%. In the diabetic patients the major causes of death were CAD (34% including 19% due to MI) and stroke (22%). The findings indicate that diabetes is a major health problem in Libya, and its high morbidity and mortality is underestimated.

Keywords: diabetes, Benghazi, admissions