Hospital Diabetes Mortality and Causes of Death

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Ragab BM Roaeid , Imhemed B El-Jazwi and Ahameed A Kablan

1- Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine – University of Garyounis
2- Medical Specialist, 7th October Teaching Hospital.

JMJ Vol. 6, No. 2 (2006): 148-150


Objective: The aims of this retrospective study of death certificates are to estimate the contribution of diabetes to total mortality and causes of death among diabetic patients admitted to 7th October Teaching hospital-Benghazi. Patients and Methods: All copies of death certificates issued by 7th October Teaching hospital-Benghazi during 25 years (Jan. 1980-Dec. 2004) were obtained from hospital statistics office. The death certificates associated with diabetes were analyzed. Data included : age, gender, and cause(s) of death. Diabetes was considered the underlying cause of death in cases of diabetic keto-acidosis, hypoglycaemia, or hyperosmolar hyperglycaemic nonketotic coma, and as contributory cause when accompanied by other causes. Results: During the study period, of 5789 death certificates issued by the hospital, diabetes was associated with 1281(22%). There were 676 females and 605 males. Mean age 67.3±10.8y(22-89y), and 73 (5.7%) were below age of 45y. Diabetes was the underlying cause of death in 50(3.9%) of deaths, and as a contributory cause in 1231(96.1%). Single cause of death was reported in 587(45.8%) of certificates, two causes in 484(37.8%), and three or more in 210(16.4%). The most frequent single cause of death was myocardial infarction(MI) 209(35.6%), stroke in 110(18.7%), sepsis in 79(13.4%), and in 23 deaths (1.8%) the cause was unknown. Considering the multiple causes of death, vascular diseases were reported in 734(57.3%) of certificates. Conclusions: Diabetes contributed to a significant mortality, with MI on top of the list. Acute diabetic metabolic complications contributed to a minority of the deaths.

Keywords: Diabetes, Mortality, Death certificates, Hospital