How safe is anaesthesia



Ivan. J. Panasevich

The Libyan Board for Medical Specialties, Tripoli

JMJ Vol. 2. No.1 [March] 2002:7-12


The goal of anaesthesia is to provide the patients comfort during and after the operation, to facilitate surgical procedure and to keep patient safe. The presented paper outlines the issues of safety during anaesthesia, anaesthetic risk factors, risk management and ways to improve the safety standards. The incidence of anaesthesia related mortality is about 1 per 100.000 procedures. Airway mismanagement, allergic reactions, cardiovascular problems, equipment failure, and human factors are the mast common causes of anaesthetic morbidity and mortality. There are several ways to have anaesthesia safer: implementation of rigorous and continuous training for anaesthesiologist to insure that they know the latest developments of pharmacology and technology, regular modernization of anaesthetic equipment and monitoring standards, quality control with statistical analysis of morbidity and mortality, setting of protocols for standard situations and crisis solving.

Keywords: Anaesthetic safety, anaesthetic risk factors