Human Toxocariasis (Visceral Larva Migrains Syndrome)

Original article


Abdunnabi Ahmed Rayes

The Biotechnology Research Centre, Tripoli, Libya

JMJ Vol. 2, No. 4 (September 2003): 59-61


Human toxocaris caused by the presence of the larvae of toxocara canis in the human host. It is a systemic disease that can have a sub-clinical course or can present under various clinical conditions. Most of the affected cases are young children under 5years of age but the disease can affect adults. The diagnosis is done by the presence of the clinical features and/ or by serological tests. The treatment consists of the administration of anti-helminthic drugs in un-complicated cases in addition to corticosteroids in some cases. We are not aware of any studies about this disease in Libya. Since the climatic conditions in some of the costal parts of the country are appropriate to the maturation and survival of the larvae we think that this disease should be considered in the differential of eosinophilia especially in children.

Keywords: Toxocara canis, larva, anti-helminthic, eosinophilia