Ibuprofen Associated Cystic Changes In The Urothelium of Rat kidney

Original article


Khalida R. AL-Sarraj; Saiha Zoubi; Saleh Said Mofteh

Department of histology, Faculty of Medicine, Garyounis University

Garyounis Medical Journal Vol. 22, No.1. 2005:67-72


Objectives: Since many drugs including non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs can cause renal hypersensitivity injury thus the effect of regular consumption and excessive ingestion of ibuprofen on the urothelium of the renal pelvis was examined histologically under the light microscope.
Materials & Methods: Three experimental groups were used (20 animals in each group). One group received daily therapeutic doses and the other group received daily overdoses of ibuprofen for four weeks, in addition to a recovery group . The routine paraffin method and routine hematoxylin-eosin stain were used.
Results: 1. Dense inflammatory cells were observed in the mucosa and submucosa of the urothelium during ibuprofen treatment while much less in recovery animals. 2. No morphological changes were seen in the urothelium during drug treatment of both groups while clear cystic changes were seen within the urothelium in recovery group. Conclusions: regular consumption and extensive ingestion of ibuprofen can cause cystic changes and hypersensitivity injury to the urothelium lining the renal pelvis in an experimental animal common response to such injuries or irritation is the use of many analgesic and antibiotic drugs.

Keywords: Ibuprofen, urothelium, rat kidney. cystic changes