Immunity Against Rubella Virus in the Libyan Jamahiriya

Original article


M. A. A. Khadre 1 & S. El-Hodiri 2

1- Chairman, Department of Microbiology. 2- Dean, Faculty of Medicine.

Al Fateh Med. J Vol .1, No. 1. January 1981:5-7


Immunity against rubella virus infection seems to be widespread in the Libyan Jamahiriya. 89. 7% of a group of 678 persons tested proved to possess a titer of 1:40 or more of rubella antibodies as detected by the haemagglutination-inhibition ‘Micro titers’ technique. This group included male and female university students and blood donors at local blood banks. Males had significantly higher mean antibody titers compared to females (256.82 for male blood donors, 234.63 for male students and 117.29 for female students,). In view of the high titers of rubella antibodies detected in the group tested it is anticipated that rubella infection is probably highly prevalent in the Jamahiriya.

Keywords: Immunity Against Rubella Virus in the Libyan Jamahiriya