Immunohistochemical Detection of Cyclin dependent Kinase Inhibitor p27 does not have Prognostic Significance in Breast Cancer

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Elzagheid Adam 2, Madarova Jana 2, Kuopio Teijo 2, Kronqvist Pauliina 1, Ehrmann Jiri 3, Collan Yrjo 2.

1-Departments of Pathology and Oncology, Turku University Central Hospital, Kiinamyllynkatu 10 20520 Turku, Finland 2-Department of Pathology, Jyvaskyla Central Hospital, FIN-40620, Jyvaskyla, Finland 3-Department of Pathology & Laboratory of Molecular Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic

JMJ. Vol. 7,No. 2 (Summer 2007): 128-131


Purpose: To assess the expression of p27 in breast cancer patients as related to clinico-pathological variables and disease outcome. Material and Methods: Archival tumour samples were analyzed using immunohisto-chemistry (IHC) for p27 in 415 breast cancer patients who were followed for 13.4 (median) years. Results: The p27 staining results had only weak correlation with age (p=0.124), size (p=0.096), and standardized mitotic index (SMI) (p=0.152). There was a slight difference in the survival curves in the early phase of the follow up, but on the whole P27 did not predict outcome either in the whole series of cases, or in subgroups of patients. No relationship was found between p27 and p53, bcl-2, or erbB2 expression. Conclusion: P27 might be a prognostic marker in early phase of follow up, but the significance will be lost with long term of follow-up.

Keywords: P27, Breast cancer, Immunohistochemistry, Prognosis