Invasive chromoblastomycosis and sinusitis due to Phialophora verrucosa in a child from northern Africa.

Case report


Hofmann H, Choi SM, Wilsmann-Theis D, Horre R, de Hoog GS, Bieber T.

Mycoses. 2005 Nov;48(6):456-61.


We report on a severe, verrucous facial mycosis and sinusitis in a 12-year-old Libyan girl. Her disease started with verrucous, hyperkeratotic plaques and subcutaneous violet nodules of unknown origin on her face and upper extremities. Despite topical antimycotic therapy she needed in-hospital treatment because of severely progressive tumorous cutaneous and nasal lesions. Microscopic examination of scale samples taken from the upper extremities and the face revealed brown, thick-walled fungal elements. Under the assumption of a chromoblastomycosis, an oral treatment with itraconazole and fluorocytosin was initiated, with significant improvement of the lesions. The aetiological agent was identified as Phialophora verrucosa.

Keywords: chromoblastomycosis,sinusitis,Phialophora verrucosa ,Itraconazole,Fungal