Irreversible Kidney Damage due to Multicentric Castleman’s Disease

Case report


Fredrik Kahn 1, Anna Fagerstrِm 2, Mهrten Segelmark 2, Omran Bakoush 2

1-Department of Infectious Disease, 2- Department of Nephrology,

Libyan J Med. AOP:080108


Castleman’s Disease (CD) is a rare lymphoproliferative disorder accompanied by marked systemic inflammatory response. Morphological diagnosis of CD requires biopsy of the whole of the involved lymph node tissue. Three histologic variants have already been described in CD morphology (hyaline vascular, plasma-cell, and mixed). In this study, we report a case of a multicentric Castleman’s disease of the plasma cell variant type with negative Herpes Virus 8. The clinical presentation of this patient was of systemic amyloidosis as a result of both a delayed diagnosis and medical management. Previously described cases of CD with secondary amyloidosis have been of the localized type. Regardless, long-standing clinical remission of CD by cytotoxic drugs and anti-CD20 antibody therapy was achieved, but the nephrotic syndrome remained irreversible.

Keywords: Irreversible Kidney Damage due to Multicentric Castleman’s Disease