Isolation and identification of Madurella mycetomatis from two cases of black grain mycetoma in Libya.

Case report


Ellabib MS, Refaai A, Khalifa Z, Kavanagh K.

Department of Medical Microbiology, Medical College, Al-Fateh University, Mycology Section, Central Laboratory, Tripoli, Libya.

Mycoses. 2003 Sep;46(8):339-41.


Two cases of mycetoma of the foot caused by Madurella mycetomatis are reported in which identification of the etiologic agents was confirmed by culture. A Libyan male aged 40 years and a Chadian female aged 30 years, exhibited eumycetoma of the foot 1 and 2 years, respectively, after a local injury. The diagnoses were based on the clinical presentation and confirmed by mycologic analysis of the grains and culture isolation of the etiologic agent. Prior to this report M. mycetomatis has not been recorded in Libya as a cause of eumycetoma.

Keywords: Madurella mycetomatis ,black grain mycetoma ,Maduromycosis