Lingual Osseous Choristoma: case presentation and review of literature

Case report


Mohamed H. Benamer 1, Arej M. Elmangoush 2

1-York Hospital, ENT Department; 2-Dental School, department of Restorative Dentistry, Benghazi Libya

Libyan J Med, AOP: 061211 (published 15 December 2006)


Lingual osseous choristoma is an extremely rare condition, of which only 61 cases have been reported. Monserrat in 1913 was the first to report this bony lesion on the dorsum of the tongue and it was labelled as lingual osteoma, the term that normally describes neoplastic pathology. Krolls et al changed this term later to osseous choristoma, which means normal tissue in an abnormal location. The aetiology and pathogenesis of lingual osseous choristoma remain debatable. We report a case of lingual osseous choristoma and review the literature.

Keywords: Lingual osteoma; Osseous choristoma; Torus.