Lipid Profiles in Libyan Type II Diabetics

Original article


W. M. Albrki, A-N. Y. Elzouki, A. M. El-Mansoury, O. A. Tashani

Zoology and Medicine Departments, Faculties of Science and Medicine, University of

Journal of Science and Its Applications Vol 1, No 1:18-23 ( February 2007 )


Lipid variables of type II diabetics were measured and compared to age and sex matched healthy controls of the same population. Randomly selected 141 men and 124 women who have a history of type II diabetes and high fasting blood glucose level were examined for other illnesses and venous blood samples were extracted. The concentrations of the following were measured twice in these samples: total cholesterol, triglyceride, LDLcholesterol, HDL-cholesterol and fasting blood glucose. An average of the measurement was taken for each subject and compared to the 66 apparently healthy subjects who were subjected to the same series of analysis. Significant higher serum cholesterol (184.2±43.7mg/dl), triglyceride (146±70.9mg/dl) and LDL (126.3±43.5 mg/dl) were found in both diabetics men and women compared to 160.7±44 mg/dl (Cholesterol), 113.1±38.5 mg/dl (Triglycerides) and 94.4±22.2 mg/dl (LDL-C) of the controls. HDL-C level was higher in controls (46.4±11.8 mg/dl) than diabetics (36.4±9.7 mg/dl) (P=0.04). There were also significant differences between diabetic men and women. Abnormalities in the lipid profiles of Libyan diabetics were established and illustrated but further studies are required. Importance of blood glucose control to improve lipid metabolism can only be augmented by this study.

Keywords: Type II Diabetes; Hyperlipidemia; Cholesterol; LDL-C; Blood glucose