Management of intussusceptions in tertiary referral centre

Short communication


Mahmoud M Okash, Intisar M Zowait and Abdul Adim Elgabroun

Paediatric Surgery Department, Tripoli Medical Centre, Tripoli, Libya

JMJ Vol.4 No. 3 (Winter) 2005: 223-224


Aim: To assess the presentations, management, and outcome of children with intussusception admitted to paediatric surgical department at Tripoli Medical Centre. Method: The medical records of 98 cases of intussusception were studied retrospectively over a 7 year-period from Jan 1997 to Dec. 2003. Results: The main presenting symptoms were vomiting 83 cases (84.6%), rectal bleeding in 72cases (73.5%) and the majority 65% had the symptoms for more than 48 hours before attending causality hospital. Barium hydrostatic reduction was attempted in 22 cases with 59% success rate for reduction. 85 cases (86%) underwent laparotomy, 59cases (69.5%) had manual reduction. However 26 cases (30.5%) had bowel resection. Morbidity rate was 24.5% with 1% mortality. Conclusion and recommendations: Improvement in the outcome of intussusception can be achieved by close cooperation between dedicated surgeons and radiologists and by accumulations of experience and expertise in paediatric centres with early referral of suspected cases from the general hospitals.

Keywords: Intussusception, Hydrostatic reduction, Morbidity