Measuring the contribution of built-settlement data to global population mapping



Nieves JJ, Bondarenko M, Kerr D, Ves N, Yetman G, Sinha P, Clarke DJ, Sorichetta A, Stevens FR, Gaughan AE, Tatem AJ.


Soc Sci Humanit Open. 2021;3(1):100102. doi: 10.1016/j.ssaho.2020.100102.


Several countries have started to introduce the HPV vaccine into their national immunisation programme, with the majority of these countries being high or upper-middle income countries. Currently, 91 countries have introduced the HPV vaccine globally. One of the regions lagging behind in the introduction of the HPV vaccine is the Eastern Mediterranean Region, with currently only Libya and the United Arab Emirates having introduced the HPV vaccine. In order to support countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region with their decision-making process for HPV vaccine introduction, a regional workshop was organised to explore the current status of HPV vaccine introduction plans in the Eastern Mediterranean countries, gaps in information about HPV disease burden in the region and the need for quality HPV data to make an informed decision to introduce the HPV vaccine, socio-cultural and religious challenges with HPV vaccine introduction, and the role of NITAGs in formulating recommendations for HPV vaccine introduction. Participating countries reflected on their respective status of decision making process about HPV vaccine introduction; they discussed any needs for operational research to support the decision-making process; and highlighed technical and financial support that might be required from partners to assist with HPV vaccine introduction. Recommendations were made on how to advance the decision-making process for HPV vaccine introduction. The workshop increased the awareness of the need of data on burden of disease and the associated benefits of HPV vaccination in Eastern Mediterranean countries. The importance of collaboration between different programmes including: immunisation, adolescent health, school health, sexual and reproductive health and cancer control programmes was clearly emphasized. CI – Copyright © 2019 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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Link/DOI: 10.1016/j.ssaho.2020.100102