Medico-legal aspects of medical practice in Libya With special reference to medical responsibility and medical negligence



TKK Naidu, Salem Fathalla

Centre for Research of Judicial Expertise and Criminology, Secretariat of Justice & General Security, Tripoli

JMJ Vol. 1, No. 1 (June 2001): 10-12


Medical responsibility: Can be defined as obligations of every medical practitioner. Should be essentially concerned with the preservation of the life of his patient, curing illness whenever possible, preventing the occurrence of disease and helping in the advancement of medical knowledge.
Medical negligence: is defined as absence of reasonable care and skill, or willful negligence of a medical practitioner in the treatment of a patient so as to lead to bodily injury or death. Negligence can also be defined as doing something that one is not supposed to do or failing to something that one is supposed to do

Keywords: Medical responsibility, Medical negligence