Mortality and Health Transitions



A. E. Ben Amer

Garyounis Medical Journal Vol.19. 1998-2002:41-48


This paper deals with the discipline of medical demography, in particular reviewing mortality, epidemiological and health transition globally The industrial Countries has first experienced mortality transition years before the discovery of antibiotics, then the second transition took place after the advancement of medical tools to prevent and combat infectious and parasitic diseases, the third transition is associated with a decline in mortality due to cardiovascular disease, which was considered a giant killer. The fourth transition has not yet started; it will commence when a complete cure to cancer is accomplished. Finally the fifth transition is associated with AIDS break through has occurred to combat this disease The main obstacle for the developing countries is the lack of accurate information related to mortality and the cause of death to monitor mortality transition which occurs in the society, those countries rely heavily on estimated data by using other methods.

Keywords: Mortality and Health Transitions