Neonatal Meningitis ((2 – Years Review))

Original article


S Abusrewil, U. K. Munshi, A.G. Elshabani

Zawia Central Hospital

LJMR. Vol 1, No.1 2002: 29-33


A retrospective study of neonatal meningitis over two years showed that the incidence is still higher than in the developed Western Countries and the overall morta1ity and morbidity remains very high.
Failure to improve could be due to different organisms being cultured with a a wide spectrum of antibiotic resistance caused by indiscriminate use of antibiotics.
Neonatal meningitis with its high mortality and morbidity still remains a serious problem all over the world. Incidence of meningitis is higher in the neonatal age group is compared with the later infancy and childhood. We report our experiences over two years period.

Keywords: Neonatal Meningitis ((2 – Years Review))