Neonatal Septic Arthritis in Aljala Hospital: Laboratory Findings and Management

Original article


Zahra Borkan, Ahmed, Mohammed Dikna, Raba Ibrahim

Aljala Hospital, Tripoi, Libya

JMJ Vol. 2. No.1 [March] 2002: 32-34


It is a retrospective study has been carried out at children’s hospital Tripoli over the period 1.3.1998 – 28.2.2001; data were taken from the patients files. It revealed 103 patients with osteomyelitis and arthritis among 1665 neonatal admissions.
The mean ESR was 64in the first hour, CRP was positive in all patients, leucocytes was present in only 16% of the cases at the time of clinical diagnosis. 69 patients were seen by the orthopaedic surgeon, 25 patients of them were subjected to surgical interventions (joint aspiration, arthrotomy). Regarding the bacteriology, klebsiella was the dominant microorganism, followed by staphylococcus. The bacterial isolate show reasonable susceptibility to chloramphenicol and gentamicin. The majority of patients were started on Cefataxime, aminoglycoside and flucloxacillin for 3 to 4 weeks intravenously, and then switched to an oral antibiotic.

Keywords: Neonatal Septic Arthritis, Neonatal Septic Osteomyelitis