Neural Tube Defects (N.T.Ds): A Review



Kamal S.M.M.Sayam 1, M.Y.Elkhalifa 2

1-Department of Anatomy, Sebha University, Faculty of Medicine. 2-Department of Paediatrics, Sebha University, Faculty of Medicine.

Sebha Med J. 1998; Vol. 1(2):75-84


Neural tube defects are the commonest abnormalities met with in clinical practice. The aetiology is yet not known. However, it seems likely that multiple factors interact to produce th emergence of these defects. Such factors may include age , genetic background , familial tendencies and even environmental toxins. Much can be done to prevent the appearance of these defects throu education and screening. This concise review presents current information on the subject.

Keywords: Neural Tube Defects (N.T.Ds)