New pyrrole alkaloids from Solanum sodomaeum.

Original article


El Sayed KA, Hamann MT, Abd El-Rahman HA, Zaghloul AM.

The Department of Pharmacognosy and National Center for the Development of Natural Products and Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Mississippi, University, Mississippi 38677, USA.

J Nat Prod. 1998 Jun 26;61(6):848-50.


Two new pyrrole alkaloids, solsodomine A and B, were isolated from the fresh berries of Solanum sodomaeum L., collected from the Libyan desert. The structures of these compounds were established by 2D-NMR, including 15N NMR spectroscopy and chemical degradation. Solsodomine A (1) shows activity against Mycobacterium intracellulare. This is the first report of pyrrole alkaloids from the genus Solanum.

Keywords: Solanum sodomaeum,pyrrole alkaloid,desert,Mycobacterium