Open Field Test: Its Place in Psychopharmacology

Original article


P. C. Dandiya, J. S. Bapna

Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, Al-Fateh University Tripoli, Libya.

Al Fateh Med J Vol .1, No. 1. January 1981:59-61


The “open field test” has been used as a method for studying behaviour of animals. Originally it was designed for evaluating emotionality on the basis of defecation occurring in the animals. Since, some animals like monkeys, kitten and adult cats failed to defecate in this test, and defecation was suggested to be an autonomic rather than an emotional response, the authors have used ambulation and rearing as parameters for measuring emotional responses. Further, using various drugs acting on central nervous system, it has been shown that emotional and psychotic behaviour of rat can be measured in this test. The place of this test in psychopharmacology is discussed.

Keywords: Open Field Test: Its Place in Psychopharmacology