Optimizing of the Cementitious Composite Matrix by Addition of Steel Wool Fibers (Chopped) Based on Physical and Mechanical Analysis



Amer AAR, Abdullah MMAB, Liew YM, A Aziz IH, Wysłocki JJ, Tahir MFM, Sochacki W, Garus S, Gondro J, Amer HAR.


Materials (Basel). 2021 Feb 26;14(5):1094. doi: 10.3390/ma14051094.


The demand for durable, resistant, and high-strength structural material has led to the use of fibers as reinforcing elements. This paper presents an investigation into the inclusion of chopped steel wool fibers (CSWFs) in cement to form a high-flexural strength cementitious composite matrix (CCM). CSWFs were used as the primary reinforcement in CCM at increments of 0.5 wt%, from 0.5-6 wt%, with ratios of cement to sand of 1:1.5 and water to cement of 0.45. The inclusion of CSWFs resulted in an excellent optimization of the physicomechanical properties of the CCM, such as its density (2.302 g/cm(3)), compressive strength (61.452 MPa), and maximum flexural strength (10.64 MPa), all of which exceeded the performances of other reinforcement elements reported in the literature.

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Link/DOI: 10.3390/ma14051094