Partial Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return ( Scimitar Syndrome): Multislice Computer Tomography

Case report


Abdulsalam Abograra, Abdulmonem Ali Omar

Department of Radiology, Tripoli Medical Centre. Tripoli, Libya

JMJ 2009,Vol.9, No.2: 155-156


New cardiovascular imaging techniques provide high resolution and better anatomical assessment of cardiovascular malformations. We present a three dimensional reconstruction of scimitar syndrome using multislice computer tomography. The scimitar syndrome, also called venolobar syndrome and hypogentic lung syndrome, is a rare congenital cardiovascular anomaly involving the right lung . in its complete form, the syndrome consists of ipsilateral anomalous pulmonary drainage of part or all of the right lung into the inferior vena cava, hypoplasia of the right lung , dextrorotation of the heart, hypoplasia of the right pulmonary artery and anomalous systemic arterial supply to the lower lobe of the right lung from the subdiaphargmatic aorta or its main branches.

Keywords: Pulmonary venous anomalies, Imaging, Tomography.