Pattern of infants of diabetic mothers in Al-Khadra General Hospital, Tripoli

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Suleiman S. Abusrewil, Faiza Osman, Usama S. Azayat, Emtaira Ramadan Juma, Laila El-Burghati, Huda Kamal Eldin, E. Hadida, Sister Samira

Paediatric Endocrine and diabetic Department, Tripoli Medical Centre.

JMJ Vol. 1, No. 1 (June 2001): 33-35


During a period of 24 months (1994-95) 436 infants of diabetic mothers were born in Al-Khadra General Hospital.
127 (29%) of the mothers had gestational diabetes, 211 (48.3%) were boys, 225(51.7%) were girls, 374 were term babies, 60 babies were pre-term, two babies were post-term. Mean birth weight was 3.700 (range 1.400-5.400g). Mean blood sugar at zero time was 78.4 mgdl (range 0-238 mgdl). 373(85.5%) were asymptomatic, 62(14.3%) were distressed and only one baby was jittery. Mean hospital stay was 2.5 days (rang 12hr-26 days). 76 babies (17.4%) had hyperbilirubinaemia; out of whom 27 were pre-term babies. 4 babies had congenital heart disease. For management, 200(45.8%) whether kept on frequent oral feeds only, 132(30%) required additives, in 104 (24.2%) intravenous dextrose was needed to keep their blood glucose within normal limits. Infants of diabetic mothers represent a burden on neonatal services, which so far have coped quite reasonably, yet there is stillroom for improvement, in both the obstetric and neonatal sides.

Keywords: Infant of diabetic mothers, Hyperbilirubinaemia, Congenital heart disease