Pedicalated TRAM And Unilateral Breast Reconstruction, Tripoli Experience

Short communications


Ghaith A. Abdullah

Burn and Plastic Surgery Centre, Tripoli, Libya

JMJ Vol. 7, No. 2 (Summer 2007):142-144


The breast is a very important organ. Any disfigurement whether (congenital or acquired) will distort the whole body image. Disfigured breasts will lead to psychological, cosmetic, functional problems at different stages of female life. In spite of the different causes of breast deformity, cancers of female breasts still the major cause. As the understanding of the behaviour, biology and pathogenesis of the disease advances, which may need surgical resection, the demand of breast reconstruction increased. With different surgical techniques, TRAM (transverse rectus abdominomyocutanous ) is one of the most suitable techniques especially when more autogenous tissue is used to prevent the implantation of artificial prostheses. In our patients of this group the missed breast was reconstructed by TRAM only.

Keywords: TRAM, Pedecalated flap, Mammaprothesis, Abdominoplasty, Delay phenomena