Percutaneous needle biopsy of intrathoracic masses (retrospetive analysis of 38 cases)

Original article


Khaled M Urayath

Cardiothoracic Surgery, Tripoli Medical Centre, Tripoli, Libya

JMJ Vol.4 No. 2 (Autumn) 2005: 122-124


The value of per-cutaneous needle biopsy (PCNB) either blind (B-PCNB) or CT guided (CTG-PCNB) in diagnosing intrathoracic masses is well established. It is one of the less invasive techniques used in the diagnosis of intrathoracic masses. In appropriate cases, per-cutaneous needle biopsy remains the method of choice as it is done under local anaesthesia and usually takes few minutes to perform. Blind biopsy if the cases are carefully selected has a diagnostic accuracy which is very close to CT guided biopsy with obvious money and time saving and with no exposure to radiation. In this retrospective study we report the high accuracy of blind needle biopsy compared to a smaller sample of CT guided biopsy. We report the low incidence of complications and report the frequency of various pathologies found. Positive diagnosis could be established in( 88.8% & 82%) of patients of both groups respectively.

Keywords: Percutaneous needle biopsy, Intra thoracic masses