Case report


Farag M. Makael and Hasan I. Fadeel

General Surgery Department, EL-Thoura Central Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Omar EL-Muktar University,El-Bieda, Libya

JMJ 2007,Vol.7, No.4:301-303


Bezoar is a rare condition of which only a few cases have been reported in the literature. Pharmaco-bezoar [PB] is one of the most rare forms of bezoar, reported in 19 year-old female Libyan patient presented with acute intestinal obstruction, diagnosed by plain abdominal X- ray. Laparotomy demonstrated intestinal obstruction caused by bezoar. the Chemical analysis confirmed the bezoar is PB.

Keywords: Bezoar, Pharmaco-bezoar, Tricho-bezoar, Phyto-bezoar