Postoperative Blindness Treated with Thiamine in Obstetric Patients

Case report


Bensaad U, Elfurjani M

Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Faculty of Medical Technology, Al-Fateh University for Medical Sciences, Al-Jala Obstetric and Gynaecological Hospital Tripoli, Libya.

JMJ 2009;9(4):297-299


Postoperative blindness is a relatively rare, but devastating complication that is most often associated with cardiac, spinal and head and neck operations. Estimates for spinal and cardiac surgery are as high as 0.2% and 4.5% , respectively. At present, no convincing cause-effect relationships have been established that can explain this catastrophic event. We report two unique obstetric cases of postoperative blindness in which vision recovered completely after intravenous administration of a dose of thiamine.

Keywords: Postoperative blindness, Visual loss, General anesthesia, Obstetric, Thiamine deficiency