Prevalence and pattern of multiple sclerosis in Benghazi, north-eastern Libya.

Original article


Radhakrishnan K, Ashok PP, Sridharan R, Mousa ME.

J Neurol Sci. 1985 Aug;70(1):39-46.


A search for Libyan patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) was made in Benghazi, located on the southern Mediterranean coast at a latitude of 32 degrees N. Twenty-one clinically definite and probable cases were detected during the period July 1982-June 1984. On the basis of 2 probable incidental cases, the incidence for 1983 was 0.8 per 100 000 of the population at risk (10-50 years). On July 1st, 1984, the rough prevalence rate for the total population was 4 per 100 000 and the age-adjusted prevalence rate was 5.9 per 100 000. This study suggests that Benghazi falls within the medium frequency band for MS. High prevalence of brainstem involvement and cerebellar dysfunction and infrequent occurrence of the severe optic-spinal form and sphincter disturbance indicates that the present group of patients resembles Western pattern of MS as opposed to Asian MS.

Keywords: Epidemiology; Libya; Multiple sclerosis; Prevalence rate