Prevalence of Dental Flourosis in Fazan (South Libya)

Original article


Amir Khalid Hassan 1, Mohammed Al-Bou- Saifi 2,Zainab Nabeel Najim 3

1-Assistant Professor of Conservative Dentistry, Baghdad University, Iraq 2-Chairman of Community Medicine and The Dean of Sebha Medical & Dental Faculty (Libya) 3- Dental Instructor at Pedo. & Preventive Dentistry Dept., Baghdad University, Iraq, Joint Temporarily the Red Crescent Polyclinic in Sebha, Libya

J Bahrain Med Soc. Vol. 14, No.3 December 2002:85-90


Dental flourosis is considered the main disadvantage of over – consumption of fluoride. It leads to different sorts of enamel hypoplasia. Five cities of Fazan area (south- west) of Libya were examined for flourosis by examining the permanent teeth of (2820) people randomly selected. Jackson index was used to classify the results. One hundred (100) water samples of drinking water were taken from these cities. It was found that the percentage of flourosis of five cities were ; 50.68, 35.65, 45.33, 27.89, 33,57 for Mourzouk, Qatron, AL-Shati,- Barak, Obari, and Sebha cities respectively. Fluoride contents were found equal to 8.8, 4.7, 7.2, 4.2 and 6.7 p.p.m. respectively for the cities mentioned earlier. This draws the attention to the effect of rich – fluoride water in causing higher percentage of flourosis in these areas.

Keywords: Fluoride. Dental Flourosis. Water-Flouride.