Prevalence of Gall bladder stones post- Cholecystectomy in Diabetic Patients

Original article


Nasser Elrefai1, Issa Abuzeid1, Rajab Elraeid 2 and Ali Gargoom2

1-Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Garyounis University 2-Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Garyounis University Benghazi-Libya

JMJ Vo1.7 No.1 (Spring) 2007:42-44


Gall bladder stones and diabetes mellitus both are common disorders. In this study we report the prevalence of Gall stones among diabetic patients subjected to cholecystectomy at 7th October hospital, Benghazi, Libya from the 1st of April 2003 to the 31st of October 2004. 719 patients underwent cholecystectomy during that period. Seventy-one (9.9%) were found to be diabetics. There were 526 patients with multiple stones and 192 patients with single stone. Diabetic patients had significantly higher incidence of multiple stones compared to non-diabetic group.

Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, Gall bladder stones, Cholecystectomy