Prevalence of Helicobacter pylori infection in patients with dyspepsia in Tripoli Central Hospital, Tripoli, Libya.

Original article


Ali Tumi, Salah Elfegy, Masood El-Magadmi, Osama Elsgaer, Mohamed Eshneen, Mohamed Ahmed.

Department of Medicine, Tripoli Central Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Alfateh University, Tripoli, Libya.

Libyan J Infect Dis. Vol. 1, No.2. July-2007:124-127


Aim: The aim of the present study was to determine the prevalence of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection by Rapid Urease Test (RUT) in patients presented with upper gastro-intestinal tract (GIT) symptoms to the Medical Department at Tripoli Central Hospital in hom upper (GIT) endoscopy was performed.
Patients and Methods: We studied 99 patients between May and October 2000, 53 (53.5%) males and 46 (46.5%) females. The mean±SD age was 38 ±16 years. The main presenting symptoms were epigastric pain, nausea and/or vomiting. None of the patients has received any antibiotics in the previous month. All patients had an upper GIT endoscopy and at least three biopsy specimens were taken from both antrum and the body of the stomach. The biopsy specimens were then placed in a test solution (CLO test, from Astrazenica) containing (urea, pH colour reagent and a bacteriostatic agent). The colour change checked at one, 12 and 24 hours at room temperature. The test was considered positive if there was a change in colour of the solution and negative if there was no change.
Results: Duodenal ulcer (DU) was found in 36 (36.4%) patients, gastritis in 32 (32.2%) patients, duodenitis in 12 (12.1%) patients, reflux esophagitis in 5 (5%) patients and DU with reflux esophagitis in 6 (6.1%) patients. The CLO test was positive at one hour in 67 (67.7%) patients and at 12 and 24 hours in 69 (69.7%) of all the patients. Most of those patients were below the age of 45 years. H. pylori detected by positive RUT in 80% and 56% of patients with DU and gastritis respectively.
Conclusion: DU and gastritis were the most common endoscopic findings in the studied population. The prevalence of H pylori infection in our patients with DU is similar to that reported in studies from other parts of the world.

Keywords: Helicobacter pylori, peptic ulcer disease, duodenal ulcer, gastritis, rapid urease test.