Prevalence of hydatid cysts in slaughtered animals in Sirte, Libya



Kassem HH, Abdel-Kader AK, Nass SA.


J Egypt Soc Parasitol. 2013 Apr;43(1):33-40. doi: 10.12816/0006365.


The prevalence of cystic echinococcosis was studied among the livestock slaughtered in abattoir of Sirte, Libya during the period July 2004 to May 2005. The overall infection rate of 4.9% in sheep, 2.4% in goats, 2.7% in camels and 15% in cattle were observed. The increase in prevalence with age of the animals was statistically significant in the four species. In female goats, examined infection was higher in the male. Liver had higher hydatid cysts than lungs in sheep, goat while infected lungs had higher in camel.

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Link/DOI: 10.12816/0006365