Prevalence of Obesity in Libyan Diabetic Patients

Original article


G.M.M. Rao, Lutfia O. Morghom

Center for Health and Drug Research, Tripoli, S.P.L.A.J.

Garyounis Medical Journal Vol.8, No.2 July 1985:115-121


Venous blood samples were obtained from 496 Libyan diabetic patients (209 men + 287 women) fasting overnight and attending the outpatient clinic of the Diabetes Hospital, Tripoli, Libya. Height, weight, age and sex of each patient were recorded. Height, weight, and sex of 380 normal Libyan men and women were also obtained.
The mean fasting blood glucose levels of male and female diabetic patients were 228.3 ± 6.05 and 237+4.7 mg/dl respectively.
The obesity prevalence rates of normal and diabetic men were 7.7% and 33% respectively while the respective rates of normal and diabetic women were 42.5% and 85%. The prevalence of obesity in women was significantly higher than that of their male counterparts.
A close association was found between obesity and diabetes. As the majority of patients appear to have poorly controlled diabetes inspite of medical treatment, it is suggested that the body weight of the diabetic patients will have to be brought down and maintained at normal levels by necessary dietary restrictions along with the medical treatment in order to achieve the management of diabetes.

Keywords: Prevalence of Obesity in Libyan Diabetic Patients