Prevalence Of Thalassaemias In North-Eastern Libya

Original article


Mohamed A. El-Mangoush, Dimitra Damianidu, Nand K. Singh, Salem A. Ibkhatra

Al-Hawari Hospital, Libya, Benghazi

Saudi Med J. 1990 July, 11:280-282


A retrospective analysis has been made of 8 years’ records (1 980-1 987) of 31 21 1 paediatric admissions and 893 adult haematology cases for symptomatic thalassaemia. Also 388 individuals from schools and military camps in Benghazi and Sousa have been screened for thalassaemia trait. The results reveal nine cases of B-thalassaernia major and two cases of B-thalassaemia intermedia; the overall occurrence of symptomatic thalassaemia being 21.16 per million population in Benghazi. The prevalence of B-thalassaemia trait was 0 . 36 and 0.92% in Benghazi and Sousa respectively. The findings suggest that, in spite of Libya being a Mediterranean country, thalassaemias are uncommon there.

Keywords: Prevalence Of Thalassaemias In North-Eastern Libya