Probability of malignancy in the solitary pulmonary nodule

Original article


Mohamad H. Zew

Dept. of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Garyounis University,Benghazi-Libya

Garyounis Medical Journal Vol.20,No.1.2003:114-125


Objectives: Solitary pulmonary nodules have always represented a challenge in determining their nature. Our aim was to determine what variables predict malignant outcome in such nodules. Materials & methods: In a prospective cohort study, we followed up 102 patients with solitary pulmonary nodule looking for factors likely to be associated with a poor outcome. Results and conclusions: Three clinical characteristics; age, sex and cigarette smoking, and three radiological characteristic of the nodule; diameter, irregular border, and the presence of certain patterns of calcification, were found to be independent predictors of malignancy. The location of the SPN and presence of respiratory symptoms did not have any significant influence.

Keywords: Solitary pulmonary nodule, Solitary pulmonary lesion, Coin lesions, Lung tumors.