Prognostic Value of Tumour Endothelial Marker-8 in Patients with Breast Cancer

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Khaled A Rmali, Gaynor Davies, Robert E Mansel and Wen G Jiang

Department of Surgery, Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff University and University hospital of Wales Heath Park.
Cardif- UK

JMJ Vol.6, No.2 (2006): 99-106


Tumour angiogenesis is a critical step in the growth, metastatic spread, and re-growth of many cancers. Tumour endothelial marker 8(TEM-8) is a newly discovered molecule belongs to a family of endothelial markers that are raised during tumour angiogenesis. This study sought to examine the level of TEM-8 expression at the protein and mRNA level in human breast cancer tissues, and in a panel of human breast cancer cell lines, and also to determine if TEM-8 can be used as a suitable marker for identifying tumour associated micro-vessels. At the mRNA level more tumours showed positive TEM-8 expression compared to normal background tissues. TEM-8 was detected in a variety of breast cancer cell lines, endothelial cells (HECV) and in a human fibroblast cell line (MRC5) at both the mRNA and protein level. Using immunohistochemistry the distribution of TEM-8 staining was more widespread in invasive breast cancer tissues compared to normal background tissues. Furthermore, the TEM-8 marker was found to be more discriminatory in identifying micro-vessels in tumour endothelium (2.8 + 0.83 vs. normal 1.66 + 0.52; P < 0.011), compared to the vWFA marker (1.61 + 0.54 vs. normal 2.71 + 0.76; P < 0.009). Raised levels of TEM-8 were associated with shorter survival outcome, but were not correlated to disease free survival as shown by Kaplan-Meier and Cox regression analysis. We conclude that TEM-8 is a useful marker for identifying tumour associated micro-vessels and that elevated levels are associated with disease progression, which may have some bearing on the prognostic outcome in breast cancer. (Abbreviations ATR- antrax toxin receptor, cDNA -complementary dexoyribonucleic acid; EF-edema factor; LF- lethal factor; LeTx-lethal toxin; mRNA-messenger ribonucleic acid; PCR- polymerase chain reaction; Q-RT-PCR- quantitative real time polymerase chain reaction; RNA- ribonucleic acid; TEM -8 tumour endothelial marker-8). Keywords: Angiogenesis, TEM-8 and breast cancer Link/DOI: