Prospective Study Of Acute Infantile Gastroenteritis

Original article


Abusrewil, F. Osman, A. Mugadmi, O. Shied, S. Hashad, H. Najar, E Kawaja, U.S. Zayat

Tripoli Children Hospital

LJMR. Vol 1, No.1 2002: 23-28


One hundred and forty infants were admitted to Unit A- Tripoli Children Hospital with acute infantile gastroenteritis during the year 1991. Only 6 infants in this 5tudy were exclusively breast fed. Thirty five (25%) of the infants had received concentrated formula, 14 (10%) had received diluted formula. Eighty percent of the infants who had concentrated formula, developed hypertonic dehydration. One hundred twenty one infants made full recovery, 3 survived with neurological sequelae, and 16 died. This study estimates magnitude of gastroenteritis in our society, and stresses that all resources have to be manipulated to promote breast feeding.

Keywords: Prospective Study Of Acute Infantile Gastroenteritis