Psoriasis and Atopy

Original article


A. I. El-Sherif 1, A.S.M. Giasuddin 2, G. Singh 1

1-Department of Medicine, (Dermatology Unit) Al Arab Medical University, Benghazi. G.S. P.L.A.J. 2-Department of Laboratory. Medicine Faculty of Medicine, Al Arab Medical University, Benghazi, G.S.P.L.A.J.

Garyounis Medical Journal Vol. 15. January/July 1992:26-34


In an attempt to correlate psoriasis and atopy, personal and family history of atopy together with serum total immunoglobulin E (IgE) levels and peripheral blood absolute eosinophilic counts (AEC) were investigated in 50 Libyan patients with psoriasis (Sex: 21 males, 29 females; age: 12- 60 years). A random group of 100 subjects and their first degree relatives was included as ‘control subjects’ for comparing the prevalence of atopy. The serum total IgE levels and AEC in psoriatic patients were compared with a control group of 70 healthy subjects (Sex: 35 males, 35 females; age: 19-44 years). Further comparison was made with a group of 30 non-psoriatic patients with one or more atopic manifestations (Sex: 7 males, 23 females; age: 13-40 years).
Although 17(34%) and 9(18%) psoriatic patients gave personal history and only family history of atopy respectively, these were found to be similar to those of control subjects (P > 0.1). No difference was also observed regarding the prevalence of atopy in first degree relatives of psoriatic and controls (P > 0.25).
Both serum IgE levels and AEC in psoriatic as well as atopic patients were significantly higher than in controls (Controls vs psoriatics → IgE: P < 0.005, AEC: P < 0.001; Controls vs atopics → IgE: P < 0.05, AEC: P < 0.001), but no differences were noted between psoriatics and atopics (P > 0.5), These changes in IgE levels and AEC in psoriatics were found to be independent of history of atopy as well as severity of the disease suggesting that there is no relation between psoriasis and atopy.

Keywords: Psoriasis and Atopy