Psoriasis in Children

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Gamal A.Duweb, Ibtisam Elmangoush, Omran Bugrein, Ali H.Elzorghany, Salwa Eldebani, Amal Matmati, Salima Kusaibat, and Juma Elhadar.

Paediatric dermatology unit & psoriasis clinic – Dermatology dept. Jamahiriya hospital Benghazi-Libya, and Dermatology Department, Alfateh University. Tripoli,Libya

JMJ Vo1.7 No.1 (Spring) 2007:60-62


Psoriasis is rather a common disease; about 2% of the world’s population is affected. Among patients attending psoriasis clinic, dermatology department, Jamahiriya hospital, Benghazi-Libya over four year period, children less than 12 years were retrospectively studied in order to carry out a clinical and epidemiological analysis of psoriasis in this age group. Each patient was exposed to detailed disease history and complete dermatological examination according to the clinic preforma. Results revealed that out of 847 patients seen at the clinic, 93 patients (11%) were children < 12 years. Thirty-six patients (38.7%) were males and 57 patients (61.3 %) were females. 59 patients (63.4%) were of age group of 10- 12 years whereas only 2 patients were < 3 years. In 35.7% the onset of the disease started at the age of 7-9 years while in 13.9 % the onset was at < 3 years. Among the clinical forms, psoriasis vulgaris was the commonest (54.8 %), followed by palmoplantar and guttate psoraisis (25.5 % and 10.7 % respectively). Only one case of erythrodermic and another flexural psoriasis were seen. 7.5 % of cases presented with severe psoriasis. Nails were affected in 34.5% of cases and positive family history of the disease was recorded in 13.9% of children enrolled in this study. In conclusion: psoriasis is quite common in children, and a part from common forms, several other patterns of psoriasis may occur. Females were more affected in children which could be explained with their tendency to develop psoriasis earlier than males. Keywords: Psoriasis, Children, Presentation forms, Epidemiology. Link/DOI: