Radiotherapy of Breast Cancer patients; (TMC experience)

Original article


Ammurah M El-Arnaoti, Soad El-Mahdi Anaami, Abdurraouf M Aghila

Department of Radiation Oncology, Tripoli Medical Centre.

JMJ Vol. 5, No 2 (Summer) 2006: 138-143


Between Jan. 1999 and Dec. 2003, 2735 cancer patients were referred to the department of radiotherapy, Tripoli Medical Centre, 1374 were males and 1361 were females. Out of all referred cancer patients 456 (17%) were new cancer breast, 450 of them were females and 6 patients were males. Our data revealed cancer breast is the commonest referred female cancer and cancer cervix ranks the second and colorectal is the third. The incidence of breast cancer, age, histopathology, stage distribution, main presenting symptoms, treatment strategies, complications of treatment and follow up & results were evaluated and discussed. Breast cancer accounts for 33% of all referred female patients, 70% of patients were 50 years of age or younger and the peak incidence of age occurring between 41 – 50 years of age, the most common reported histopathological type was infiltrating ductal carcinoma in 66.9% of cases, most of the patients waited for 6 – 9 months before taking medical consultation, the most common presenting symptom was painless breast mass in 64.5% of cases and most of the patients were presented with late stages of disease (52.2% with stage III and 15.1% with stage IV) and pre-radiotherapy evaluation revealed 6.7% of patients were already recurrent.

Keywords: Breast cancer, Radiotherapy, Outcome, Presentations