Rehabilitation of Children with Organic Dysfunctions in Poland

Original article


Marian Weiss

Professor of Rehabilitation, Medical Academy, Warsaw, Poland.

Garyounis Medical Journal Vol. 3, No.2. July 1980:33-38


1. Children with organic dysfunctions have a right to take part in normal life which is reserved to that population.
2. A programme of treatment rehabilitation should take in the following:
a early action, right after a danger of organic dysfunction has arisen and when life is no longer endangered,
b striving to keep down the effects of the disease throughout the course of treatment by implementing the premises of the early-rehabilitation programme,
c having the family take an active part in the rehabilitation programme,
d comprehensive action in the case of definitive, difficult medical situations.
3. It is advisable tofurt her develop rehabilitation centres which would combine elements of treatment rehabilitation and pedagogic and social influences.
4. Centres for all-round children’s rehabilitation must take account of —apart from the possibilities of conservative treatment —reconstructive surgery and rehabilitative engineering.
5. In a programme of children’s rehabilitation all society and the administration of a given country must join.
6. The health service is unable on its own to cope with all problems outside its terms of reference.
7. Rehabilitation should be considered as an essential element of second-degree or second-phase prophylaxis enabling a child as a future member of society, in any handicapping disease situation, the reconstruction of his ability to lead an independent life.

Keywords: Rehabilitation of Children with Organic Dysfunctions in Poland