Retrospective study of intra-oral minor salivary gland tumours in Benghazi Libya

Original article


Amna El Gehani

Faculty of Dentistry, Garyounis University, Benghazi, Libya

JMJ Vol.3 No.1 (March) 2004: 44-47


This study presents the results of a retrospective study of 40 cases of intra oral minor salivary gland tumours recorded in Oral Pathology Department, Faculty of Dentistry, Garyounis University. The final diagnosis in each case was based on the 1991 WHO Classification. The minor salivary gland tumours constitute about 2 % of all oral biopsies from 1992 to 2002. 75 % were malignant and25 % were benign. The muco-epidermoidcarcinomas were the most common tumours of malignant cases

(36.6 %) and also the most common tumour of all minor salivary glands (27.5 %). Ninety per cent of benign tumours were diagnosed as pleomorphic adenoma, which account for 22.5 %of all the studied cases. The palate was the most common site and marked female prevalence was noted. Marked variations appear to exist when compared these results with South African and Venezuelan findings. Objectives: This study was done to determine the frequency of intra oral minor salivary gland tumours with particular reference to histological types, sites, age and gender distribution in Benghazi and comparing the findings with South African and Venezuelan results.

Keywords: salivary gland tumours, muco-epidermoidcarcinomas, pleomorphic adenoma