Review Of Diarrheal Syndrome In Diseased Children

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Radoslav Zivic, Aleksandar Stojancov, Arebi Darif, Novica Dimic, Laslo Pataki, Caslav Vexovic, Miriana Radulovic, Vojislav Covic, Ljiljana Vuco, Zorka Popovic, Dragan Jakovijevic, Ibrahim Jarrata

Zuara Med. J. (1979) Year 1. No. 1: 55-60.


Microscopis diarrheas, in spite of well developed health services and high economic and housing standards, are major health problem in many countries of the world. Retrospective analysis of the history of the disease was made in the children suffering from diarrheal syndrome in 1977 to obtain a comprehensive view of epidemiological, clinical and laboratory characteristics and evaluate results. The observations cover 107 children in the age group of one to 24 months. The majority were six month old infants (63.5%) living in Zmeli (30.8%). Proteurs mirabilis was most frequently isolated species in coproculture (26.1 %). In 91 of the children or 85.0% toxic form of diarrheal syndrome was involved. In 8.4% of the diseased the syndrome ended fatally.

Keywords: Review Of Diarrheal Syndrome In Diseased Children