Right abdominal mass: keep an open mind

Case report


Anuj Mishra 1, Mohamed Azzabi 2, Mohamed Hamadto 2, Jahnavi Mishra 3, Seeraj Bugren 2, Wael Hresha 2, Saleh Addalla 2, Ehtuish F. Ehtuish 2

1-Department of Radiology, National Organ Transplant Centre, Tripoli, Libya; 2-Department of General Surgery, Tripoli Central Hospital, University of Al-Fateh, Tripoli, Libya; 3-Department of Microbiology, AlMargeb University, AlKhooms, Libya

Libyan J Med 2010, 5: 4630 – DOI: 10.3402/ljm.v5i0.4630


Amebic colitis is common in tropics, usually presenting with variable and non-specific symptoms. Amebomas occur rarely, usually in cecum and ascending colon, when they can masquerade as colon carcinoma. This report describes the case of a 27-year-old male who presented with right abdominal mass. Radiological examination prompted us to the differential diagnosis of ameboma and he was treated with metronidazole and broad-spectrum antibiotics for two weeks. Amebic colitis should be considered as a possible diagnosis when dealing with right-sided abdominal mass.

Keywords: ameboma; colon cancer; cecum; metronidazole

Link/DOI: http://www.libyanjournalofmedicine.net/index.php/ljm/article/view/4630/5109